Meditation Group

Lacee Wilke

"Marco Oliver was one my very first spiritual teachers - introducing me to Angelic Reiki in early 2019. I couldn't be more grateful for the experiences reiki has brought into my life and I am eternally grateful to Marco for sharing his wisdom and passion for the healing arts. Marco's energy is a gentle, yet magnetic one and he has a beautiful talent for setting and holding sacred space. Thank you for your dedication to this work Marco. You're an Earth Angel to many."

Viktor Moretti

"100% recomendado. Me encanta en la manera como trabaja Marco. Te hace sentir una paz total. Con tan solo tener a marco serca puedes sentir ese amor con el que hace su trabajo y paz. "

Kathryn Lonsdale Sticker

"Marco is an authentic, evidential healer and brings the most uplifting energy I’ve ever felt. I was so honored to have Marco perform my wedding ceremony. He is also a patient and enlightening teacher."

Nahir Duarte

"Mi hermanito. My magical angelic little brother. You have been a key piece into my evolving. Blessed that the Holy Spirit crossed our paths in Peru and afterward. You were present when I met Carlos and you married us to. You and Shannon trained us to be ordained Ministers and In Angelic Reiki. We have share so many celestial experiences. Thank you and best to you on this new step of the journey. Just remembering who you are. And you are me and I am you dear Marco. Love you"

Karen Cutrer

"I have have classes for reiki and meditation and yoga. Marco brings the joy in life. A wonderful healing soul to assist you in your journey for healing or ailments. He has taught me exercises for my injuries to my back to help me manage the daily pain I have with it. The mediations were so healing. He also does spiritual cleansing or you or your home. He is the magic of life. I am blessed to have him as a teacher and to call him friend. I am grateful for him."

Chirag Patel

"I had two Angelic Reiki sessions with Marco. I have found him to be a warm and compassionate person who cares about my well-being. The sessions felt great. I highly recommend his services.

Gabriela Herrarte

"Truly recommended you will have an amazing experience through Marco’s spiritual sessions. Whether it is Reiki, energy cleansing, meditations or just a friendly chat! He’s very gifted and such a vibrant soul. Thank you for sharing your contagious energy."

Carolina Mattos - Arbelaez

"I love Marco! He is such a Beautiful soul! He brings the magic out of people with his charisma and fun nature!, Very intuitive and a great Teacher for beginners and more advanced folks; he has a beautiful way of expressing himself and delivering the message in the most understandable way! My life has truly changed so much since I took the Angelic Reiki class with him a year and half ago... And to this day I continue to follow him and learn so much from him"

Yomna Zein

"I experienced shamanic healing sessions with Marco and they are one of the most unique, powerful, compassionate and life-changing sessions that I have ever had.
Marco is an authentic, kind, loving and highly intuitive soul! It has been a great honor and pleasure to have crossed paths with him.
Highly recommended! "

Sara Trevino

"The minute I met Marco I felt the pure energy flowing. He has inspired my transformation beyond words. I am immensely grateful for his guidance in finding myself. He is genuine, kind, helpful, caring and most important REAL."

Elizabeth Escobar

"Marco is amazing, he offers many classes and is truly genuine with everyone. He designs his own candles with such creativity, I love his candles they bring such a beautiful energy of love and peace. He also does Shamanic ceremonies and OMGEEE I love love the ceremonies he does, they have brought me clarity, love and healing. Marco is a beautiful soul I am SO blessed to have him in my journey with me! Love and Light

Thank you Marco"

Llona Langlinais

"Having a session with Marco can be transformative and life changing. He is truly skilled in the Shamanic Healing Arts!"

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