Holistic Healing Arts.

Holistic healing for the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Learn from Divine Sacred Arts.

Experience the tools for self healing 

through; energy medicine, meditation, integrative yoga therapy, reiki, chakras, sound healing, crystal grids, sacred space, metaphysics and spirituality.

International Ordained Minister And Spiritual Healer since 2016.
Certified energy medicine practitioner through The Touch of Healing Institute. Holy Fire, Karuna, Usui and Angelic Reiki Master. Trained with the Queros from Peru also known as the Pacos "Shamans". I was initiated and trained by with the sacred medicine men and women of the Andes. 
I'm a modern day shaman, medicine man and curandero.
I offer my services from custom weeding's, home and business clearings, cleansing and blessing, feng shui, group healing and sacred ceremonies.



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